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LED pendants and mini pendants are the ultimate lighting accessory for the 21st century. LED pendant lighting is extremely versatile, energy efficient, and practically maintenance free. LED pendants are the perfect way to round out your space with a touch of sophistication, drama, charm you name it. Our vast selection of energy efficient LED pendant lighting offers something for everyone and every space, including contemporary dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, restaurants, lounges, and more. For dynamic modern lighting effects that bring depth and character to any room, customize your own to monorail track lighting system using LED freejack or fastjack pendant lights, suspensions, mini pendants, and track head accent lights. Define your space and style with LED pendant lights from designer brands such as Edge Lighting, Tech Lighting, Artemide, Moooi, Swarovski, the Lightology Collection, and more.

Your Selections:
Light Source : LED   ×
Finish : White White   ×
Chasen S2 Suspension
Flos Lighting
Candella 10-light Pendant
Swarovski Centerpieces
Hakofugu Suspension
Fukurou Suspension
Virtus LED Suspension
Axo Mindled
Gracie Pendant
Stone Lighting
$212 - $252
Nafir Suspension
Axo Light
$340 - $1,137
Circa Pendant
$350 - $450
Panels Pendant
Stone Lighting
$316 - $440
Adam Suspension
$453 - $609
Freejack LED Tibor Pendant
Tech Lighting
Twine Flower Pendant
$432 - $594
Cloudy LED Suspension
$597 - $896
Twine UFO Pendant
$450 - $648
Sausalito Pendant
Umbrella Suspension
Leds Grok
$668 - $1,957
Twine Tall Pendant
$468 - $684
Ecliptic Pendant
Philips Consumer Lighting
$700 - $850
Valente Pendant
AIM Suspension
Flos Lighting
$759 - $857
Artic Pendant
Tech Lighting
$760 - $2,868
Katatsumuri Suspension
A Tube SO Pendant
Studio Italia Design
$400 - $910
Masque Grande LED Pendant
Tech Lighting
Ryker Pendant
Tech Lighting
$880 - $960
Chromaglo Spectrum LED Round Reflector Pendant
Sonneman A Way Of Light
Cielo Pendant
Philips Consumer Lighting
$1,050 - $1,100
Chromaglo Spectrum LED Square  Reflector Pendant
Sonneman A Way Of Light
Axes LED Pendant
Sonneman A Way Of Light
$790 - $1,260
Spellbound Pendant
Corbett Lighting
$1,192 - $3,624
Assolo LED Pendant
Lightology Collection
$1,235 - $1,487
Scudo Pendant
Gilbert LED Pendant
Zaneen Lighting
$1,241 - $1,497
Sestessa Cabrio LED Direct/Indirect Pendant
Lightology Collection