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Modern LED Chandeliers

LED chandeliers are the perfect pairing of elegant design and cutting edge technology, providing bright, inviting, energy efficient lighting for homes and commercial spaces alike. LED chandeliers are beautiful, highly functional, and practically maintenance free, with LED bulbs that last up to 50 times longer than incandescent lighting. Update your look and add style to your space with gorgeous LED chandeliers from designer brands such as Artemide, Moooi, Swarovski, the Lightology Collection, and more. LED chandeliers are perfect for contemporary entryways, dining rooms, kitchens or living rooms. Before you buy, if you are in search of an LED chandelier for your dining room, ensure that the scale of your chandelier is in balance with the size of your table and the height of the ceiling. Use our Chandelier Size Calculator to help you determine the perfect size for your LED chandelier.

Your Selections:
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Clouds Crossbar Suspension
Justice Design
Disco Suspension
Rain Flush Mount ChandelierWet location
Maxim Lighting
$1,250 - $1,690
Pearla LED Suspension
$1,498 - $1,728
Embassy Chandelier
Sonneman A Way Of Light
Crystal Clear Chandelier
Lee Broom
Crescendo Suspension
Tech Lighting
$2,064 - $2,152
Crystal Galaxy Chandelier
Edge Lighting
$2,121 - $4,177
Crescendo Long Suspension
Tech Lighting
$2,260 - $2,344
Rhapsody Chandelier
Tech Lighting
$2,560 - $2,660
Crystal Sensation Suspension
$1,998 - $2,598
Leena Chandelier
Stone Lighting
Pearla LED Chandelier
Oda LED Multi-Light Pendant
El Torrent
Circle Pendant LED Warm White
$4,115 - $5,305
Mimi Chandelier
Maxim Lighting
Taurus Chandelier
Maxim Lighting
Montone Round Chandelier
Jacco Maris
$4,336 - $10,156
Universo Suspension
Edge Lighting
$5,680 - $14,385
Da Vinci 12 Light LED Pendant
$6,750 - $19,041
Flashwood Suspension
$7,240 - $8,225
Montone Triangle Chandelier
Jacco Maris
$6,768 - $24,803
Montone Oval Chandelier
Jacco Maris
$7,452 - $18,716
Crystal Empire 27 Inch 3000K LED Chandelier
Swarovski Centerpieces
$8,345 - $8,415
Crystal Empire 34 Inch 3000K LED Suspension
Swarovski Centerpieces
Catalyst Chandelier
Fine Art Lamps
$11,697 - $15,488
Invisible Chandelier
Castor Design
$18,000 - $24,750
Blossom LED Chandelier
Swarovski Crystal Palace
$11,505 - $41,505
Da Vinci 3636LED Chandelier