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LED Wall Lighting Fixtures

LED wall sconces provide beautiful, natural lighting to complement other light sources, frame your space, and round out your design scheme with that added touch. Lightology offers a variety of cutting edge LED wall sconces that provide bright, inviting, energy efficient lighting for indoor settings. Our versatile LED wall lighting fixtures come in all shapes and sizes, with modern profiles either bold or subdued, and may be designed for general illumination, for accent lighting, or for lighting specific tasks like reading. Give your space a more finished look and update your hallway, staircase, bedroom, dining room, bathroom any room with LED wall sconces and LED wall lights from designer brands such as Artemide, Edge Lighting, Tech Lighting, Flos Lighting, Swarovski, the Lightology Collection, and more.

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Slice Wall/Ceiling Light
W.A.C Lighting
$163 - $232
P564 LED Wall Sconce
George Kovacs
UHO Flush Mount / Wall Sconce
George Kovacs
A-47 Basic Wall with LED Reading Light
Lightology Collection
$325 - $385
Zero 1 Wall Lamp
$282 - $585
Jazz Venti LED Crystal Wall Sconce
Stone Lighting
$556 - $956
Wa Wa Wall Mount
Catellani & Smith
$710 - $1,354
Dice Square Ceiling/Wall Lamp
W.A.C Lighting
Blade Wall Sconce
Modern Forms
$135 - $198
MR58 Wall Sconce Bracket
W.A.C Lighting
$109 - $145
Neo Flush Mount / Wall Sconce
Modern Forms
$179 - $269
Vogue 3114 Wall Sconce
Modern Forms
Vogue 3111/3115 Wall Sconce
Modern Forms
$179 - $197
Studio Wall Sconce
Modern Forms
Rhythm Wall Sconce
Modern Forms
P565 LED Wall Sconce
George Kovacs
Universal Wall Sconce
George Kovacs
$200 - $240
Uno Wall SconceWet location
W.A.C Lighting
Aries Wall Sconce
Modern Forms
Hall Wall Sconce
Leds Grok
$222 - $263
Demi Bath Bar
Modern Forms
$269 - $359
Vogue Wall Sconce
Modern Forms
$197 - $269
Cosmo Wall Sconce
Tech Lighting
$191 - $281
A-46 Basic Wall with LED Reading Light
Lightology Collection
$282 - $362
Avenue Complete LED Wall Sconce
Stone Lighting
$288 - $400
Gracie Wall Sconce
Stone Lighting
$344 - $392
A-54 Clau Wall Sconce
Lightology Collection
$442 - $557
Spaga Wall Sconce
Stone Lighting
$432 - $480