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Bathroom Mirror with Lights

Why worry about vanity lighting for your mirror when you mirror can be your vanity light? Lighted mirrors are an exciting trend in modern bathroom lighting that brings minimalism to a whole new level. Bathroom mirror light fixtures combine your lighting and mirror in one for a sleek, contemporary look. For the ultimate in bathroom mirror lighting luxury, we even have mirror TVs. Browse our selection of mirrors with light and TV mirrors today. Select from Edge Lighting, Electric Mirror, Tech Lighting, the Lightology Collection, and more.

Integrity Lighted Mirror
Electric Mirror
$1,590 - $4,790
Boulevard Dimmable LED Mirror
Electric Mirror
$1,840 - $3,260
Alice LED Mirror
Edge Lighting
Tigris Oval Surface Mirror
Tech Lighting
$998 - $1,105
Plaza Small LED Mirror
Edge Lighting
Eternity Lighted Mirror
Electric Mirror
$1,340 - $2,530
Novo4 Lighted Mirror
Electric Mirror
$1,560 - $2,650
eFinity Lighted Mirror
Electric Mirror
$1,800 - $2,050
Integrity Square Lighted Mirror
Electric Mirror
$2,190 - $4,140
Ascension Right Recessed Medicine Cabinet
Electric Mirror
$2,715 - $2,785
Ascension Left Surface Medicine Cabinet
Electric Mirror
$2,865 - $2,935
Marilyn Moods Square RGB Mirror
Edge Lighting
Vanity Horizontal  Mirror Kit
Sonneman A Way Of Light
$1,190 - $1,300